Holographic film
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PET PVC holographic foil
PET PVC holographic foil
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PET PVC holographic foil


DAWOO holographic pet film,hologram laminate film,using polyethylene as the carrier, holographic PET film is being used in a wide array of applications. If offers excellent mechanical and chemical properties, as well as it's dimensional stability. It is an ideal material to make flexible packages. The metalized layer creates a strong barrier to oxygen, light and moisture and as a result prolong's a product's shelf life substantially. It can be laminated to paper and paperboard to make unique exterior packaging with vibrant shelf presence, and can also be used to make stationary, adhesive tapes, stickers or used as varnishing film.

Our seamless holographic pet film,It is suit use for laminate with paperboard,do offset printing and making box,Final product will be tobacco box,Wine box,Comestic box,toothpast box,gift box etc.Our pet holographic film include seamless holographic film,shimless pet hologram film,PET rainbow holographic seamless film,hard emboss hologram film,soft emboss hologram film,rainbow holographic pet film,transparent pet hologram film(metalized zns),no seam on pet hologram film,composite hologram film,pet holographic composite film seamless pet laser film,DW01(D38) holographic film,etc.Our seamless holographic pet film,suit for laminate with paperboard and do offset(UV) print.It is UV printable holographic film.K laser D38 hologram film,MP13 hologram film,KP12 hologram film.

Product name             Thickness        Maximum width           Length     

PET holographic foil    12 micron           1020mm               6000m/roll  

PET holographic foil    16 micron           1020mm               6000m/roll  

PET holographic foil    50 micron           1020mm               6000m/roll  

PVC holographic foil    38 micron           1020mm              2000m/roll

PVC holographic foil    50 micron           1020mm              2000m/roll